Allegheny County Crash Data (2004-2015)

The Western Pennsylvania Regional Data Center (WPRDC) recently published a robust dataset documenting all reported crashes (i.e. car crashes, bike crashes, pedestrian accidents, etc.) from 2004 through 2015. The dataset includes information on the location of the crash, vehicles involved, road conditions, damage to both individuals and property, causes of the accident and many more. You could easily spend hours exploring this beautifully cleaned and detailed dataset.

I’ve included a few basic summaries as well as a heat map to answer the following questions:
1. What type of damage/injury most commonly occurs in crashes?
2. What road conditions contribute most to crashes?
3. Where are the majority of crashes in Allegheny county concentrated?

Though these are basic questions to start, they help narrow the focus to identify areas of the dataset worthy of a deeper dive. Fortunately, the vast majority of damage is property damage only. Though it would be interesting to analyze accidents that resulted in fatalities specifically. Additionally, more information about road conditions would prove more insightful. The heat map is likely linked to population density, and further breakdown based on accident type and the causes of the accidents could be useful in informing policy intervention.